BJ Savage


Last night I had the singular most amazing massage experience of my life.

Alan at InTouch massage gave me my very 1st Craniosacral treatment with Remedial Massage. I walked in a mess; my posture was all out of balance, my neck limited in movement and causing reoccurring headaches and migraines. I also could not breathe deeply passed the count of 3, finding it very hard to expand my ribcage.

I am absolutely astonished at not only the effectiveness of the Craniosacral treatment, but at the gentleness of it. I was completely relaxed wrapped in a space of peace and at no stage did I experience any pain, just the reassuring presence of Alan's hands that I found hard to tell if they were moving at all! I am blown away by this experience. Never in over 20 years of having massages have I experienced anything like this.

I left pain free, could breathe normally again, my neck was so free in movement that my ears could touch my shoulders and I was so totally relaxed and in a state of bliss!

I would recommend a Craniosacral treatment to anyone who has chronic pain and is afraid a massage would make it worse.

Thank you so much Alan!! 



I wish to highly commend the Remedial Massage treatment of Alan Patriarca.

I am 45 years old, with a lower back spinal fusion for scoliosis in 1982 and a diagnosis of chronic fatigue in 2003, then fibromyalgia in 2005.

I have sought treatment for pain relief over many years, from physiotherapists, osteopaths and remedial massage therapists.  Some of these treatments brought pain relief for a short time, but no lasting improvement. Over the years, I became quite limited by chronic pain in my daily activities. I consulted neurologists and rheumatologists who advised there wasn't anything that could be done apart from very strong painkillers that left me unable to function mentally. I was struggling physically, and facing a longer-term prospect of giving up full time work and having a very limited activity level.

I have been receiving remedial massage treatment from Alan Patriarca for approximately 4 years. Since starting regular treatment with Alan, my condition has improved considerably. Although I still suffer pain, the relief from Alan's treatments is lasting and consistent, and I have much less time in pain than before. This is remarkable in itself, but more so because over the same period I have been able to gradually increase my level of activity. I now undertake travel, walking and social activities that I would not have considered attempting previously, including most recently cycling. My overall health, quality of life, wellbeing and longer-term prospects have dramatically improved and I am continuing in full time employment.

I believe that none of this would have been possible without Alan Patriarca.  Alan's knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and his skill as a massage therapist enables him to produce amazing results.

I cannot speak highly enough of Alan's ability, and I recommend him constantly to everyone I know.



 Hi Alan, I wanted to give you the following feedback.

I have been to see Alan on two occasions so far and I have found it to be the most soothing and peaceful experience. My literal and metaphorical pain in the neck is sooooo much better.

Thanks so much! I'll be back.



My name is Nick. I have been going to Alan at In Touch Massage for 8 years now.

Following a motor vehicle accident, some years ago, I suffered major neck and lower back pain. After having treatment from Alan, my neck and lower back have regained full movement and all my pain is gone.

I have two sons aged 15 and 18 years of age. They suffered with knee, leg and lower back pain.

After an assessment by Alan, I learned that their pain was caused by inward rolling of the feet (flat feet). A recommendation to get orthotics was made. Now my boys each have a pair of custom made orthotics from Alan and have not experienced any pain since. 

I have a regular monthly tune up from Alan at In Touch massage. I love the professional service. I highly recommend Alan at In Touch Massage.

To put it simply, Alan has magic hands.



Hi Alan 

This is a very short note to say thank you for all the time, effort and practical knowledge that you have given me over many years of treatment.

As an elite sportsman over many years in the field of Archery, I competed in state, national and internationally at the highest level.  After winning 18 state and Australian championship medals and representing Australia on 9 occasions,  all the training required placed a great deal of strain on my body, particularly my arms, shoulders, legs and hands. I've found that the problems take their toll as you get older. These problems include: muscle cramps, decrease mobility and flexibility.

I owe you a great deal of thanks for sorting me out when needed Alan. Many thanks for all your professional help and expertise as without it, I most certainly be crippled and unable to participate in my much-loved sport of golf these days.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alan's professional ability, perseverance and care.



A friend recommended I see Alan as I was suffering from chronic neck, shoulder and hip pain due to an unfortunate fall some twenty years earlier. The stresses of sitting in an office for hours were also showing on my body. Within months of regular massage, the chronic pain dissipated. It is difficult to be happy when you wake up to discomfort every day. Now, I rarely wake up feeling the need to take pain relief. 

Every massage is different as Alan tailors his work to the specific needs required at the time of consultation. His extensive knowledge of the anatomy gives me confidence that I am literally in good hands.

Additionally, Alan has provided me with regular vibrational healing. Raising my vibration allows me to feel calm and centred in my body so that the tightness and rigidity in my body is no longer present. Raising my vibration also enhances my spirituality.  When I feel balanced, I feel happy.

Thank you Alan.

I love your new space.

Peace and blessings.