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COMBINING Custom Orthotic Inserts with supporting treatments make them more effective & affordable

The weight of the world, at times, is not supported by your shoulders as we may think, but by your feet. Little or no arch support (commonly known as flat feet), high arches, standing for extended periods of time, hard surfaces, improper footwear, age and gravity are the major factors that lead to problems with the structure and proper bio-mechanical function of your feet.

Excessive inward rolling, (or pronation) of the feet over time, can produce symptoms such as painful heels, reoccurring calluses, hammertoes, cramps in the legs and lower back, sore legs, sore feet, corns, backaches and bunions. It is an interesting fact that 85% of people who over pronate will develop these painful symptoms at some stage in their life.

Additionally, when foot posture is incorrect and is left untreated, the entire body structure becomes misaligned by the inward rotation of the bones and joints. Weak or misaligned bones and arches can lead to painful joint conditions throughout the body including knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain. Some clients have reported being woken up every night with pain and muscle cramps in the side of the legs and back prior to having Orthotics. 

Cyber Orthotics are custom made Orthotic shoe inserts made to the size and shape of your feet that, along with massage, will help you to correct any misalignment, alleviate pain and help correct your posture. Cyber Orthotics are made from a thin thermoplastic 'memory' material, which has enough rigidity to support the foot, while offering sufficient flexibility to absorb the shock of motion. Cyber Orthotics are so good they carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage plus a 3 month adjustment period warranty, should your orthotics need adjusting. 

Alan Patriarca is a qualified Orthotic Therapist with many years of experience with custom made orthotic shoe inserts. Alan will make sure that you receive the full benefit of your new pair of Orthotics by including 2 x 1 hour Remedial Orthotic Massage treatments to repair any misaligned or shortened muscles in the hips, legs and feet. At In Touch Massage, we've got your feet covered too.


Alan will make fitting the right pair of orthotics easy, affordable and comfortable with:

  • 1 Pair of custom-made Cyber Orthotic Inserts

  • Body Structure Assessment and Analysis.

  • Massage 1 - Initial 1 hour Remedial Orthotic Massage to the lower back, hips, lower legs and feet, to align and prepare the muscles in your legs and feet for Imprinting.

  • Massage 2 - 1 hour Remedial Orthotic Massage when your Cyber Orthotics arrive concentrating on your feet, legs and hips plus fitting and wearing instruction and a demonstration of recommended stretching exercises.

THE ORTHOTICS PACKAGE IS NOW ONLY $495 which can be made in two payments if that suits you.
Contact Alan for more information about getting your pair of custom-made Orthotics.

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