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Reiki, pronounced ray-key, means 'universal energy'. It is a system of energy healing that works to heal you at the chakra level of your energy to relieve imbalances or disharmony. It is a marvelous treatment for those needing deep relaxation.

Reiki can also be used as a complementary therapy to help with your physical ailments, and one that can help you integrate the emotional and spiritual bodies. It is suitable for anyone of all ages and backgrounds and can be used in conjunction with other conventional medical treatments such as cancer treatments, post traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and depression and post surgical treatment to name a few.

Alan is a qualified and gifted Reiki Master and teacher who has, over the past 10 years of practicing Reiki, developed a deep spiritual connection to source energy. His ability and willingness to use this connection has enabled him, through healing, teaching and guidance to empower his clients for long term health and well-being. 

The Key Benefits of a Reiki treatment are:

Deeply relaxing and renewing a reiki treatment is
  • Deep peace & relaxation.

  • Feeling 'lighter' and more positive.

  • Increased energy & motivation.

  • Reduction in aches & pains.

  • Helps lift stress & depression.

  • Better, deeper sleep.

A Reiki treatment is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is totally safe and you remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. The healer places their hands on the body, and guides the client to open their energy centres, reconnecting you to the source. There will be calm music playing, as you relax in peaceful surroundings, letting go of all the worries and stresses of everyday life.

Providing the space for you to relax, heal and transcend, you will be amazed at how revitalised and refreshed you will feel in just one hour